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Are you a bowling beginner? Norwood Sport Center in Norwood, Massachusetts, has put together a list of bowling etiquette and basic tips to help get you started.

Bowling Basics & Etiquette Tips

Bowling is a fun activity the entire family can share. While it is a great outing for you all to indulge in, it is important that you know a few basics about the sport. Some bowling basics and etiquette tips are:
Bowling Basics:
  • A Perfect Score Is 300
  • To Date, the Present Game Record Is 245
  • Scores of around 100 Are Considered Decent
Etiquette Tips to Make the Game More Enjoyable:
  • Always Use Good Sportsmanship
  • Encouraging Words Are Good for Enjoyment
  • During Somebody Else's Turn, Always Remain Respectful
  • Always Bowl in Your Own Lane
  • Roll the Ball; Do Not Lob or Throw the Ball

Leagues Are Welcome

As a member of the Massachusetts Bowling Association, Norwood Sport Center is able to host state tournaments and send our bowlers to official state-sponsored events. We also participate in "The Cool Summer Fun Program," in which all statewide schools can participate.
Contact our bowling alley in Norwood, Massachusetts, for more information about joining a league.
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